Sunday, February 12, 2006

Obsession in Princess Town

Billy S. Mahammed, the owner of Luck’s Jewelery Shop, Iere Village, Princess Town, Trinidad. His first profession is drinking at a bar called Obsession

Driving through Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago, the homes are all freshly painted with well kept lawns and smooth roads. We were puzzled with how quaint everything appeared on our Sunday drive to find some amazing imagery we had seen on past visits. As we rounded the bend, we saw three small booths perched on the corner where people go to apply to learn to drive.

Learning to drive in the pleasant Village of Iere, where the roadways are blemish-less and racetrack smooth

Next to this trio is the easily missed home of a kind gentleman who helped guide us to the third of a series of bars called Obsession. Billy S. Mahammed led us into his humble house to show us his working studio where he makes jewelery. He was taught by his father he told us with pride. We wanted to write this little note about Billy because he is a reminder to us as to what is always so wonderful about our island. People who are just themselves, kind, helpful and doing the best that they can. - Adele

A bar called Obsession: Pushing the artistic vision of interior and exterior motifs further with these blue and pink walls and with a series of wall art depicting a Victoria Secret knockoff


vishram said...

man i love trinidad. i always go to visit erlatives and port of spain

shivana said...

I luv Trinidad and I go to go San Fornando but I use to live on Bonytento rd. Shivana waz H3R3


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