Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chateau de Tack

Were money had taken us higher, to a place far and beyond

From the road, a Chateau too small for its grounds, at St. Clair, Trinidad. At Christmas they plan to import snow.

Well, let’s start with a Balustrade and follow it through with an Acorinthian Column. Put in an Entablature and what about a Festoon? Give me a Patera, Pier, Putto, Fluting, Quatrefoil, Quoins, Spandrel Motif and for my yellow Hummer, a Porte-Corchère. Any why not complete my monstrosity with a Widow's Walk to maco meh neigbour yard.

Shop at your own risk. A park bench in front of a shed selling concrete fountains on one of the busiest Highways in Trinidad and Tobago.

Looking to refurbish your home? Do you need Pillars, columns and fountains in a variety of colours and cast in Royal concrete, stop here, shop here and take in the beautiful view of a highway.

The making of a home with less garishness, Central Trinidad

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