Friday, August 17, 2007

My Creole Wedding Caterer

Slogan: Work hard, eat well and play hard

If you and your finance are looking for local food for your upcoming wedding, this open kitchen maybe the one for you. This and others like it are located on the pavement from many streets in the capital. You just have to mind the gap between the pavement and the canal water that sometimes gushes over your shoe after a heavy rain fall. Then you have to hold on to the cage and pull yourself up to give leeway so you can order your meal. The caters are generally higher than you.

In Trinidad and Tobago, lunch time serves great business to vendors who cater hot meals like the colorful green stall located upper Edward street in Port of Spain. Come rain or shine scores of people line up to grab a quick creole meal from the portable hut or van. The special for the day at "Come eat, Bien well" is listed on the blackboard.
It also advertises orders all year long for pastelles and caters for wedding, parties and conventions.

Your Wedding guest's menu

1. Stew Chicken

2. Stew Beef
3. Callaloo
4. black eye beans
5. Macaroni pie
6. Spanish rice
7. Salad

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