Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Richard's Shark and Bake - Bizaare Foods

People want to experience life like fast food, sweet and salty

For all of you who get the station Travel and Living, you may be familiar with Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern . His show deals with his going to a country and really going off the beaten track, trying the less familiar cuisine. The show has interested me because I am always curious to see what the countries he has visited have to offer. I also realized that he had come to Trinidad and Tobago from an image at the introduction of the show. That show was finally on the air today. I missed a bit of it, but was able to see him at Maracas beach having a bake and shark, in St. James having a Roti and a Doubles, at San Juan market buying callallo and Down the Islands eating the heart of a fish that was blurred out to the viewers for some reason that was not clear? I am always very curious to see what people say about Trinidad and Tobago.

Not because I want to see their view so much as I am interested to see how accurate they are. It is then that I can gauge whether they are equally true about other places they visit. It is a quirk of mine for sure, and has no basis in fact. I assume that it is a reaction to my island. Bizaare Foods did not necessarily show the food of Trinidad and Tobago as being strange, after all, he did not go for our ‘wild meats for example. But it was a good attempt at trying to give people a sense of what our eating habits are all about. - Adele

When you come out from the sea and you’ll hungry.....anything taste good

What makes Richard’s Shark and Bake so popular is the amount of condiments he generously serves to his costumers. People like to get their money’s worth if between the shark and the bake, it can be topped with other edible things. Mr. Zimmern describes it as, “locals like them smothered in a variety of sauces”. The sandwich should be consumed as quickly as possible because there is the tendency of the contents sapping into the bread.

The best quick food in Trinidad is Doubles and in Tobago, curry crab and dumpling but it is rather tedious to eat. - thebookmann

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I haven't gone there but One thing for sure the food is something cultural. When you see someone eating something that you probably or definitely won't eat.Maybe in the opposite way he/she will think in the same way when both of you eat some traditional food.


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