Tuesday, August 07, 2007

An International Star is Born - Ravi Bissambhar

To truly express an art, you must study its form with great diligence

Music and Dance in Indian culture are a dramatic art of story-telling. In the classical Bharatanatyam dance it shows a form of visual language in the movement of the dancer. Every gesture means something. Here in Trinidad and Tobago, a small island off the coast of South America and populated with mostly Africans and East Indians many of which still practice the traditions brought forth by their families. East Indians in particular kept their faiths in ceremonies at weddings with dance and music. Although people born on our soil exhibit a dance derived from Africans slaves mocking Europeans. We call it wining.

There are still traditions of East Indian music preformed here and a genre incorporates both; namely Chutney Soca. The video clip is Ravi Bissambhar, preforming at the local Bollywood awards in 2005. At the age of twenty five, Mr. Bissambhar shows great range and his repertoire other than the kitsch Chutney video posted on thebookmann. With the flack and racism voiced by readers regrading a Chutney song called, Rum is meh lover, the entertainer showed his true heart of being a Trinidadian, you see with his wining.

Yet, he has been playing the arse with his gold chain and all. This video shows another side of him, cultured and refined as seen with the Hindustani Ragas sung in the clip. It is unclear if he understands what is he is singing or that the dancers are aware of the means in their movement, Trinidadians generally like to copy. But Mr. Bissambhar exhibits showmanship and charisma and the possibility to further study the art of Hindustani Ragas in Indian may bring forth a genuine International Star. -See Ravi Bissambhar as thebookmann header

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