Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dynasty Chutney

Rum is my lover - Perpetuating a stereotype

These stills are taken from a local television show that promotes the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Once a week or so, it slots in a chutney video count down in a cheesy commentary format.

Making low-budget Soca Chutney videos as such seen on
Synergy TV requires the following; Rum, a river, a beach, roll-on-roll off cars, Indian dancers in costume, wedding guests, family and friends,feuded neighbors, a iron pot for a cookup, domestic animals such as fowls (cocks) or cats (catt) and more rum to incite fights and cutlass chopping.

The star Ravi Bissambhar
from the video clip is a bit of a celebrity himself, and as he was interviewed by the VJ, a older woman kept accosting him then uttered the words, "I want to rape yuh." One wonders why it was not edited out. And although the melody is about Rum drinking, in part of the video (the river scene) it shows Mr. Bissambhar holding up a bottle of scotch. ??? There are the lyrics from song which, Ravi Bissambhar sings with great passion

Rum is meh lover and I don cyare, so we drinking today and we drinking forever, Akela hoon main

But I don cyare what people say, Ah drinking today and we drinking forever, ah Tequila or Beer

Rum kill meh muda

Rum kill meh fada

Rum kill meh whole family

Rum kill meh broda

Rum kill meh sista

Now it want to come and kill me

But I don cyare what people say, oh ah drinking today and ah drinking forever, Akela hoon main

For readers unfamiliar with Trinidad and Tobago, the backdrop is Mayaro beach and the video is a broad generalization of desires and wants of East Indians. The whole idea of promoting alcoholism with East Indians equals the vulgarity of mainstream music which perpetuates the stereotype of young black men and women.

Note: Akela hoon main is Hindi for "I am alone"

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