Friday, July 13, 2007

Your destiny is on to you

Where did I go wrong...What has my Island become?
Before Newtown and Woodbrook, it was the district of Belmont. The place is in one of the most quaint parts of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. By this, it is the narrow alleys that aline the streets with small colonial or what we like to call gingerbread houses with open porches and white filigree molding to their entrances.

Many prominent Trindadians have walked the
streets, and there are stories of the diverse and rich history that included the the formation of the Rada religion, the German community enclave and the home to many important Mas-band leaders.

The older woman that is standing on the curb off the Belmont Circular road is in deep contemplation. It may be thoughts of her future or her past, yet her present is clearly illustrated by the Gang graffiti painted in blue on a white wall behind her - Bloody $. This represents the young people who find themselves hopelessly powerless in their destiny, and the life that everyone speaks as so sacred is worth no less that a cent. -thebookmann

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Afrobella said...

Bookmann, this photo really resonated with me. I was born in Belmont, my family all grew up there. I moved at age 3, to the then-brand new suburb of Westmoorings. But I've always had strong feelings about Belmont, and the stories that come from that area are heartbreaking. This photo is very poignant. Thanks for sharing it and making me think of home, even when I'm so far away.


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