Friday, July 20, 2007

From painting to sculpture

If you are wondering what these collective arrangements of man-made objects are all about, they are a new direction in public art. thebookmann for some time, has addressed street artists but generally they are painters.

But this work found off the streets by all means has some kind of conceptual thought behind it as the artist compiled the objects together.
Located on the side streets of Aranguez, Eastern main road, Trinidad and Tobago, an open lot overgrown with bush plots one or two sculptural art pieces.

To the front, closes to the road, a piece stands erect by the support of a broken fan base and from there, the frame of a umbrella acts as a hanging mobile adoring the sculpture with a collection of packaging
and visual images from materials found in merchandising. Further back in the court of grass, the sculptural artist has constructed a life sized figure clothed from rags of blue and white plastic burlap bags. He has also devised the prosthetic limbs by using floating tubes of yellow and matching blue. There is evidence that the sculpture is illuminated by night by three bulbs housed towards the head. A electric cord could be seen connecting the lamp to a house close by. -thebookmann

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