Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dedication to Trinidad All Stars

Pan in the Twenty First Century

Just behind East Dry River, on Duke Street, Port of Spain you come to Trinidad All Stars' panyard. The yard in relatively compact to accommodate the large steelband and also the droves of supporters who attend their rehearsals during carnival time. There is no room to spare. There are a few wooden bleachers, a cafeteria to serve beverages and a large housing structure to store the pan instruments. And on the facade of this building, a mural is painted that explains it all. Dedication, dedication to the craft and to oneself. And for a small dot of an island in this vast world of many cultures, Trinidad and Tobago is dedicated to her music and to her sweet lyrical beats that touches the core of who we are, not matter were we are. No one in the world can replicate. -thebookmann see another mural painted by the artist.

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