Thursday, July 26, 2007


Books from scratch

For readers wondering where the term thebookmann came from, it all began with my handmade books and the clients who fondly called me the book man. So this post is delegated to the Art of Bookbinding and here are few samples.

In 1999, I began a series of ArtBooks using computer generated patterns printed on paper which was dyed and fixed with a resin. Every book produced had its unique look with sheets of coloured pages, intersperse with graphic patterns.
The objective was to give an illusion that the book had a life of its own as you turned each page.

I also produced blank journals in many sizes and experimented with the covers of linen and leather.

In 2003, I was asked to make a solander Box which is an art to its itself. As a footnote, the box’s boards were cut by using a shoe maker’s knife. This is a reminder that each book is made individually by hand. From the Sewing, folding, backing etc. Pages are folded down from large sheets.

I have alway stuck with the words during the first day of my bookbinding studies at John S Donaldson polytechnic in Trinidad and Tobago. That is, I shall produce the finest handmade books in the world. And owning one says it all.

See Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Centre of the Universe

Commissions or orders of blank journals are available to clients in Trinidad and Tobago from prices that range from 100 - 300 TT dollars. Books that are more finished in leather, rounding, headbands may range 400-500 TT dollars. Paper may be 24 pound bond (acid free) or cream laid. Artist Books prices are 600-1000 TT. Restoration of damaged books are also provided at a cost but limited in the area of tooling. See an Artbook as thebookmann header


Hottie Hottie said...

These are good! The pieces show an attention to detail and quality. You get a very tangible, almost tactile feeling from the photographs. I will have to check you when I get back home. How can you be contacted?

thebookmann said...

Dear reader, Thank you for your kind works. Bookbinding is an old craft and not much has changed over the years. A machine can make one, but to repair it, only a binder can do this.

You can contact me from a contact link located at the sidebar


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