Friday, July 27, 2007

Bar Art - Studio Film Club

In Trinidad and Tobago, when we go to cinema, we like to be preoccupied by drinking or eating something. The concession bar is always located at the lower level of the foyer. Not only do you have to peep under a small window to give your order but you have to remember the list of what you came for and repeat it over and over. Corn Curls and Sweet Drink, Corn Curls and Sweet Drink. And this you remember until you reach the counter and forget because you see other things like Charles chocolate or fresh salt nuts.

Not only do you not have enough money to pay of the extra items, but you also have to deal with the concession staff who are generally unhelpful and sour. And after the long wait, you sometimes find yourself precariously juggling bags of popcorn, drinks and hotdogs between patrons. Mind you there is the peril of getting back to your seat and the unfortunate mishap of tripping over and losing everything by the steep stairs to balcony or that long declining path to pit.

This is the Studio Film Club at # 7 Fernandes, Trinidad and Tobago. At the corner to your left of the entrance, a small
concession bar is located decorated with paintings and sculptures. -thebookmann


Hottie Hottie said...

LOL. Yes all true. Don't forget the fact that the popcorn is almost always "stale" and goes pffffsss when you chew it.

Hottie Hottie said...

Have you checked out Wings? It's off the highway in Tunapuna. Their interior art is rather interesting.


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