Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Caribbean Fruits - Mango

I rather have a Julie over sex or I put a mango in his casket because he loved the fruit so dearly.

The face of a Julie mango

I fall down flat on meh bottom and see stars....
This can relate to any child who tried to pick a mango and slipped on the mossy branch and fell off the tree. The tropical fruit is loved by many West Indians and it can be an obsession. The connoisseur will insure that when a mango is picked, it better not be bruised. True mango lovers will suck the seed dry.

In Trinidad and Tobago, mangoes come in many varieties. There is mango Starch, Rose, Vere, Calabash, Dooduce, long Mango and the much delicious Julie Mango. Mangoes can be curried as in
a chutney or preserved.

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