Monday, April 09, 2007

Caribbean Fruits - Governor's plum

Flacourtia indica

This is the Governor's plum which grows in the West Indies. The fruit is small with a large seed. The flesh is tart but sweet to the taste. Governor plums should be eaten when they is ripe but not too overripe. Greener plums can be enjoyed with a little salt and pepper. Just thinking about it will make your mouth water, but afterwards you'll pay the price by having a stomach ache.

The best time to collect Governor plums is before the birds do. They are in heaven in having so many plums to choose from. Beneath a tree you may see the reminisce of their feast by the scores of bird pecked plums that litter the ground.

Governor's plums in its short season - April and May

The flower of the tree superimposed over the ground scattered with plums

Governor's Plum on Foodista


Stefan Falke said...

love you new series on flowers and fruits ! Hope you are taking them with a good camera, you might want to exhibit them later ?!

Jameelia Aberdeen said...
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