Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Spirit Dancer - Fancy Indian

The judging of the Kings and Queens of Carnival follows a few guidelines where points are awarded to the spirit in which the masqueraders portrays his or her mas. The masqueraders should perform effortlessly on stage without appearing to be harnessed to a large float as they drag it across the stage.

At the Jean Pierre complex in Port of Spain, a junior King showed how a King should perform and he kept the crowd wooing during his dance independently carrying the large feathered wing triptych on his back.

Balo; Boy, how ah look on stage ? A costume integrated headlights as the fish's eye at the Kings and Queen's semi finals, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Yet many senior Kings stuck with pyrotechnics to entertain the crowd and to have an edge over other competitors to see who could out do each other.
But there were a handful of Mas men who just enjoyed playing the King of their carnival band. The masquerader, Balo said it took him three months to build his king which contains over three thousand colourful components. The costume is an interpretation of Tobago's coral reef.


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