Monday, February 26, 2007

Owner and Stefan around the Savannah

Stefan Falke's photograph of a homeless man, Trinidad, West Indies

It is very rare that you come across a photographer whose work is so poignant in every respect. The photograph above is by Stefan Falke and the German photographer has spent a great deal of years documenting the Keylemanjahro school of Moko Jumbies.

Mr. Falke along with his official website, also has a blog, and his portfolio of work comprises of his photo shoots assignments all over the world. Yet, Trinidad and Tobago has a special place in his heart. The island’s rich and colourful culture gives him great pleasure with his art.

The homeless man painted by Tassa Alexander

Stefan Falke's latest post is deeply touching, and it is of a homeless man who sits on the bench around the Queen's Park Savannah, Trinidad and Tobago. The individual has been observed writing in his journals come rain or shine. On rainy days, he covers himself with a clear plastic tarp.


Stefan Falke said...

bookmann, thank you so much for your kind words about my work, keeping a blog up and running is a lot of work - who knows better than you - and it is very nice to realize that somebody is actually watching...until soon in Trinidad, Stefan

Anonymous said...

I haven't been back in T&T in years. But as a QRC veteran it's good to see the Savannah looking green and healthy.

Anonymous said...

My name is Wilhelm Jager Gabriel, I am searching to find my father by the name of Wilhelm Jager Gutav Theodor, age of 98, born on the 26/06/1908, born in Warburg/RFG last address known in Savannah,1502 stillwood drive 31419 Georgia.USA If anyone knows of him, please contact me on my email


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