Wednesday, October 04, 2006

House of Gerard Gaskin

“My Cat always bounces back”…..From a conversation about rough sex at the small gathering at Gerard Gaskin’s show

At a Different View Bookshop in Port of Spain, Trinidad, the
photographer Gerard Gaskin sits down with the bookman and Adele. He is here in Trinidad to photograph local artists and to also give his first public exhibition, Walk in the park at Tattoo Farm.

In a large box, Gaskin shows his original prints, and this is what real photography should look like. Since 1992, he has infiltrated the New York Drag Queen scene to document Ballroom Competitions. What started his intrigue with Peek Shows was to expelled he says, his inner demons behind the culture of hustlers, drag queens, whores and to question his youth as an altar boy. The issue of sex and love had been misconstrued by a priest.

Walk in the park at Tattoo Farm.

Gaskin's sex themes are uneasy. You have such other nice photos is a polite way his mother deflects the embarrassment she feels. The photographer is not phased by this as Art comes before as anything else.

We also discussed photographers who work here, and their need to step back for a moment, and see where they can push the envelope to make photography an art itself. In New York there is real competition and you can’t become lazy. Trinidad is a bit lax, and the quality of the work is less prone to be scrutinized.

As a straight man, his ability to convince these eccentric individuals characterized by names such as a military dyke or thug homo, Gerard Gaskin passes the test, that his balls hang quite low. To be an Artist means to make money from your profession and grow into a style that is distinctly yours, five years after leaving art school. Only now is this beginning to materialized for him.

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