Friday, August 03, 2007

A Different View Bookshop - Closes

How great the gift to encourage children to read and make a living by it through enlightenment, intrigue and persistence, all conceived on a note pad. - The Joanne Rowling " Harry Potter" success

This is the space of the Different View Bookshop in Trinidad and Tobago. The store has been in operation since 1996, and has catered to books related to self help, alternative and new age beliefs. The latter is what made the store unique. It also included a collection of contemporary writers and local books on Trinidad and Tobago.

It also has been the liming spot for thebookmann and Adele, and a place where we discussed the best of life as it is dealt to us in many ways and sometimes you could hear laugher from the sidewalk of Woodbrook, that belonged to
Elsbeth, the owner. But at the end of August, 2007 many doors will be closed, affecting us all. So to Carol, Stuart, Natasha, Adele, Richard and most to Elsbeth it is time to say farewell for those wonderful Saturdays.

The different View book shop for the month of August is having a closing down sale on all items in the store. Stock items are reduced by 50 percent. It is the time for readers to get a bargain or two from their popular authors.

Different View Warren & Gallus Streets, Woodbrook, Trinidad - (868) 622-3648 or you may email Here for enquirers.

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Anonymous said...

Very depressing. I hope the owners are moving on to better things. Maybe it's because I'm a recluse, and out of touch, but does it not seem like we're losing so many special things and yet nobody really notices their disappearance? At least you have the memories.


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