Monday, September 04, 2006

"Zion Mistryschool Obeah Done Here”

San Fernando, one way in, no way out

A labyrinth called San Fernando

On the way to hilly San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago's second major town, there are no visible street signs and you can get stuck at the No Entry sign as comes up without you knowing it.
But as you reach the top of these roads to follow it down the hill, a car traveling the opposite way would met you half way. Then the driver would shout from his car, Is one-way. San Fernando is really is a town in its own accord, and locals of the borough know this labyrinth by heart. Outsiders just have to figure it out.

At the first junction into the
San Fernando, a small house has been converted into Church and renamed, Zion Mistryschool Obeah Done Here. The artist has painted the king of Ethiopian, Hail Salessie as a predominant reminded of African and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ through the Rastafarian leader. The work is illustrated beautifully on a fairly weathered wooden panel.

Hail Salessie's son as a glossy fete card for his visit to Trinidad in 2006.

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