Thursday, August 03, 2006

Painting Paradise

Oh gooo you an't see dat bottom

Pan music, a docking clipper and coconut tree brings a touch of class to these two Tobago lovers. So a fish vendor sign says on the Eastern Main Road, Trinidad, West Indies

Tabanca means a kind of love sickness, and this street painting is expressing the early stages of a Tobago love before the lovers had their falling out. The fish cart sign shows a silhouette of a couple embracing each other at the moment the sun dipped below the horizon. And although the woman has a large sagging bottom, this is a Caribbean trait which men like to hold on to. Tick and saucy and any ting to sweeten meh fish pot.

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safespaces said...

I found this attempt so bright I wondered whether I should wear sunglasses. I also find thebookmann washed out. Why don't you have thebookmann as a trademark, so that wherever it appears, it stands out. Also the block of colour should happen every third time, not every time. It's too much.


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