Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ladies Ladies Ladies

Oh wow, this man has some much style

Ladies, ladies, ladies, a Pan man

Winston, a local model smirking and trotting his style on a day which Trinidad and Tobago celebrates the end of slavery.

On this local television talk show, the subject of the evening is emancipation along with fashion and many Trinidadians and Tobagonian wear some sort of African garb to recognize the emancipation of slavery. Whether they truly understand what these clothes may mean, there are three women to explain it with the help of a lady's man.

So ladies, ladies, ladies, call your seamstress and buy out those bolts of burgundy fabric to make your twenty bridesmaids dresses and watch this saga boy plucked from his daily vocation of selling nuts on Prince street as he trots the catwalk where the world of low fashion delights these women dressed as if they are part of occult.

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