Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's old is new again - Mini Trinidad and Tobago

These cars are part of the Mini Club in Trinidad, which restores original Mini cars to their mint condition

A light blue Mini which took two years to restore

The owner of Mini says his car took two years to overhaul the body shell and engine parts were taken from two other cars he had purchased. Earlier that day, he was part of a convoy of forty Mini cars that traveled across the country to Grande Riviere as part of the Mini Club.

Two classic British Mini in the process of being restored at Aranguez, Eastern Main Road, Trinidad

The Bookman is documenting vintage cars in Trinidad and Tobago and this is a classic by all means. The Morris Mini Cooper was designed by Alec Issigonis as a affordable car which could seat four adults. Originally, the first cars were powered by 850cc 34bhp engine making the Mini in its purest form, simple, clean and agile.


Austin Mini Classic said...

Waouh. Great Pictures of classic Mini

rajesh said...

The was a guy in perseverence village couva who had several minis park in his drive way.. I saw couiple of them in dec 2012


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