Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Seascapes In Painterly Fashion

With love from a bar room

One of the many things that the bookman looks at are wall murals that can be found all over the country,but particularly in bars. The striking thing about them is that depending on the location the images on the walls relate to the people who frequent the bar. The images can be all female based, as we saw in Obsession, the bars in Princes Town or as we see here, idyllic images of the Caribbean in the fishing area at Carenage, Trinidad.

A bay with a large rolling wave.

Some bars tell you things in a painterly text, such things as, no weed smoking, no bareback and a personal favorite, the abbreviated statement, no obscene. These paintings are usually done by friends or sign painters. We like them because they are sincere and the people who commission them like them, and tell you stories about how they came about, if you ask them. Ultimately these paintings are a big part of what makes our island what it is. - Adele

Enjoying a setting sun

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