Sunday, March 12, 2006

"I See She Eating All Dat Crab" - Yingmei Duan

The thing about it is the itch can be internal. A remark from a concerned but outwitted spectator

Yingmei Duan performing on the pavement outside of the Little Carib Theatre, Port of Spain, 2006

This is a performance by Yingmei Duan from the International Artists Workshop, Big River3, staged at the Little Carib Theatre, Port of Spain. For over an hour, Yingmei began her performance by having an allergic reaction. She was able to maintain this act without being distracted and ignored by the crown who were puzzled and confused.

Intermediately, she kept slapping her leg, stooping, itching and hopping with a fit. An older lady was alarmed over her agitation and was convinced it was an allergic reaction to the crab meat she eat earlier that day. Other guests expressed bewilderment and offered to help her with homemade remedies.

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