Monday, March 13, 2006

Bunty O’Connor’s Catching The Spirit

Bunty O’Connor’s clay works at the Trinidad Arts Society, Trinidad, West Indies.

The Ceramicist Bunty O’Connor’s invitation came to me through the mail a few weeks before her show, and the image was both playful and provocative. Just enough to peak my interest. In the past Mrs.O’Connor has produced work that she goes on to also sell in her shop, quaint images of Trinidad and Tobago along with more complex cut coloured tile works that she pieces together to create elaborate table designs. She also has an open house at her workshop. Here you can see the working process of ceramic making. It is easy to believe that hers is a fairytale existence,where choosing such a profession seemed a calling that just led her to make all the right decisions.

An exhibition worth seeing

What many do not know is the struggle to get her work done and seen over the fourty years of loving clay. The fact that she has managed to have her store and herworkshop and her exhibitions is a testimony to very hard and consistent work. With this show, it is worth going to see how far she has come. The exploration of colours and the use of paper mache to enhance and expand her forms are worth seeing. She also had a one day workshop that I regret I missed. She wanted teachers and students to be able to learn her techniques. The show itself is filled with some of her old faithful works that she has sold over the years.

An experimental sculptural piece

But the real treat is the experimental sculptural works that sit on cut tree trunk pieces, enhancing the natural colours and twisting, turning movements of her shapes that from every angle give a slightly different look. There is a lot to see in these compact pieces. What a delight to go to a show where there are things to discover and really enjoy. She has really come into her own with these works. I strongly recommend this show.- Adele

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