Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sanskrit-Public Art

In the last twenty years there have been a few artists creating work about India or on Indian themes. Dr.James Isaaih Boodhoo, Shashtri Maraj and Wendy Nanan to name a few. There interests were about the lives and place of the Indo-Trinidadians in society. This body of work has provided a richer understanding of the possibilities for art directed on the theme of India in Trinidad and Tobago.

High Street Gallery. Port of Spain, Trinidad

Trinidadian Tessa Alexander visited India in 2004 and was so moved by the experience that she produced twenty four works of her impressions of the country and its peoples. Hers is a robust, sensitive palette of colour infused with small bindi’s placed sometimes on the clothing and architectural structures, but also on the foreheads of her women in her paintings.

Paintings by Tessa Alexander

What is most striking about Ms. Alexander’s work is her intense understanding of her themes and clear love of exploring both unusual colour juxtapositions with unexpected infusions of iridescence, particularly when she focuses on painting the earth beneath the feet of the women and men in her paintings.

This is a great show to go to because it is a rare one. This artist is growing in technical skills and trying new things with her technique and it is a pleasure to see her discover new things in her process. - Adele

Inspired by India

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