Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Francesca Woodman's Regret

In the study of Francesca Woodman, I felt nauseous, dizzy and just wanted to vomit. I also thought these objects were caving in on me, trapped under the refuse of my own doing

Francesca Woodman is considered one of the most powerful surreal photographers of the twentieth century, her work stands along masters such as Man Ray and Robert Mapplethorpe See the Tate's Artist rooms on her

in the feinin; "Memories, chicks, tomato soup, fumble needles wrapped over my thumb. Toiletries, magic markers, ghostly visions I'll love to see again. Close to his heart, sitting between his lap, pulling off my clothes, saddle riding him to a climatic wall of laughter. Boy, what fun it was then. Tomorrow is a new day, my dreams shattered, shards closely touch my clitoris. Angry, payback, busybody, ice cream parlor, toothpaste, mint Evershine."

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