Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mohammed and the Tree of Knowledge

In this study, I ws overwhelmed with sense of calm, and a premonition, that the World was in revolt; Many attempts to set the scriptures wrong, without rule, man is empty by his will to be other than himself.

God's eye; God's spirit rises, God's will vanishes between my eyes, the heavens are open to me, beauty speaks among the leaves, fire transcends my time

At one point of this work, I had the urge to re-shoot the portrait, but blocked by "him". Why does Moses enter my consciousness?

n this feinin: I saw a believer. Here was a man full of ambition, a warrior capable of defending his own right. In the self-portrait, I realized a gentle eye, a poet, a man of his word and deed. Beauty, fearless, courage, petals, kind, heart

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