Friday, February 05, 2010

"Money you cunt" - Manet



I am stumped whether I can explain it, it resists, yet, "Money" is at the center and with the more elaborate sets which Manet's paintings are referred to.

The Virgin

Le Suicidé and Le Buveur d'absinthe it was important to give an incandescent (candle) ambiance to the room, the mirror and his reflection was also necessary in Bar Folies Bergere. I also paid attention to the garment with the portrait, these trousers are actually my mother's pants with I packed my underwear to lift and give the illusion of it bellowing effect.

Bolt of cretonne

The floor for an example was simply laying a bolt of cretonne cloth on the ground. The blood stain handkerchief is notorious in its meaning, for Manet remembers, " Money" caused his dying fate. Alone, money, sex, caused his lament, I have lampooned it precisely.

Love is risk, it matters to no one, Schiller asked, "I dance with many martyrs, alone he sings me praise"

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