Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miss Louise addresses her men


Is meh neighbour, Miss Louise oui

Me now finish eating meh Divali left over wit plenty meat this time, Lawd meh ca fast whole day witout like meh muddar. Meh curry channa, pumpkin and mango ride meh belly after I eat it morning, noon and night Divali. Me now settle down to watch meh TV movie and de news which may meh sick to vomit how dem, no we, treat dem Chinee so. Ah say Hazel must have smoke and bless dem Palace after she man sick in bed watching chandelier rattle and Mao children watching he like ghost from high Basilica ceiling. I does remember when dem show pict-ure of Africa Somalia race deading, and we small and unite to send dem money. UN report say is de most generous nation, now is dem turn to sent, I feel sad.

I now fluff meh pillow and rest meh neck when meh Sharp blow, Meh light dip. I pelt up like wonder woman and race to un plug meh fridge, meh two fan and TV. But I look to see like meh house lighting like is day and night. I say is God bless, if I have to pee wit meh hand spinning to find wall and toilet bow, dat light working bright, meh dough have to bounce in wall. I peep trew meh curtain and see my neighbour out in yard as if T&TEC come quick and cut he line cause he ain’t pay bill. He house so dark, me ca see me when is he self waving at me. I say, ” Boy is only meh toilet bulb working”, and tink dem so fas to know meh business. When last meh nephew boil on meh roof to find crack and fix leak, dem come boldface to ask what he use. If only is was bandit, dem eye get blind, dem see nutting, dem hear nutting too.

I tinking about meh freezer, how meh two well pack ham telling meh it ready to cook now, my brain processing and I dough want to feel shame when neigbour start smelling ham tick and is Christmas two month to reach. Next ting is commotion outside, Miss Louise take we street center, is big wave like police officer to stop de T&TEC truck. I see Louise addressing de driver and I turn meh ear better so I could hear what she saying, but meh no maco.

Me say meh meat not spoiling, I walk like cat back and get meh extension cord and plug in meh fridge, I hear de fan. I creep and attach me second extension, meh TV and fan, it come on. I turn down de volume like transistor radio, the fan breeze hitting meh skin, I feeling cool. I say, when dem still outside, I inside, meh toilet socket both working. I call out to meh, neigbour, ” Peal, meh one room lighting, I plug in meh fridge, it working, me ain’t know how long dem taking”. I close me curtain, and say loud, ” I sleeping like baby tonight, if dem ca fix we lights soon, I get meh fan to work”.

I go out still and she standing royal and addressing dem T&TEC truck in Queen English, Miss Louise pass eighty and she voice crystal clear. ” You sir are going to endanger your men and risk injury in that unkept parcel of land where the problem has arisen? ” De men come out truck and flashing torch like Star Wars. Miss Louise directing dem like sergent pointing where to go. But I look close, and say to meh self quiet, oh Lawd, Miss Louise have on no panty. I just glimpse she business, when de man torch pass and scan she tin nightie. Is why dem scatter so?

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