Thursday, October 08, 2009

Judgment day for all Schiller awaits

Lord, I have been told that Feinin is MATTER, it was over, most materials are just that, MATTER, so God wrote to the Mighty Force, that in the days ahead, NO ONE SHALL HURT HIM, FOR HE IS ENCOMPASSING

I knowith to be true of thee, my Pharaoh, since the days of Sheba

Listen, lovers resists you my pharaoh since the days of Sheba. I race into the clouds and find nothing but zeros. A cock stands in the way, push it in far so it may deflower me, God for a moment sang, she rose among the bushes and lifted her skirt. The lesions torn from its mooning entering a universe only seen by one. "You". God knew this was the place, it was never her intention to interfere, but she was so loved that it mattered. I got to alert him, the reports may result in chaos. Before you end, never help those rampaging over your name. Tear up the letter, I made it obvious, my darling got more fires to out. Before you speak, let me bow, the pharaoh knows nothing but beauty, I call this an awaking. Bygone ample time in a place known as forgotten.

God came to thee, she called on the Mighty Force to awake over those that had helped her. She was told to forget. You .............I destroy, my.................jolted, his began to think, where is it, the................ God looked to towards the skies, she looked into the heavens. I am afraid, my servant suffers, never welcome. Hail Schiller, Lord of magic, King of fortune, Raise him high where eagles see the king to be The Pharaoh came into my life to warn me over Schiller. He rose to the occasion, if you waste from all this, then keep away. I love nothing. There once was a coward in me, it took everything. Then I was told to forget. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done.....

At the time, the pharaoh spoke in a language not known by those who vowed never to spit, Feinin fell flat unable to move. His body resembled a tomb. He latched to breath in the pharaoh's footsteps. Aging, lacking the will to boost himself. if only the gift to serve me will his mind rejoice. The Pharaoh realized his method made Feinin defied the living, in a world far too liberated. His was composed of law, rules to be obeyed yet capturing him to glimpse a place lampooned. In centuries to come, Feinin's will could reach his land.

Stop, remain were you are Feinin, I too see you. My soul must obey, kneel.

My test is over, begin at once, rise, keep me in memory, always. Abandoned fortune, salivate. Tell wise to souls, that Schiller reads to him...The pharaoh could not understand why, his was never to be revealed.

The end
of part one

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