Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Single Studies - Hey Robert

Were I bring myself to be, eating a piece of dead - Feinin Hermes

Hey Robert, get off your high horse a find something better to do. Go clean a room or bath that dog that follows you around all day. Actually, what do you spend on time doing? listening to that annoying stupid song, over and over. Get a fucking life, go find a girlfriend, thats what you really need to get you out of this trap of existence.

What is a blog anyway, who fucking cares. Who has time to read. Why speak the truth, lie, lie, like every one else. Can't you play the game of life and just suck their cocks long and dry, swallowing their dirty canal egos down in a gulp. And for what, art, art is shit, have you heard. Fellas don't study that waste of time idle stupidness, dat is for sissymen like you.

In a dream, the artisan sat in a room when water began to spring in a drown her, I wonder what this means? Damage to ones being can not recover due to the core pattern suffering a disruption in its flow. Time will not mend its parts.

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