Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Self - Identity series - The Ego

So here it is my final self, a multitude of meaning merging into one being, a living man with a desire for love, a man walking on a tight rope between life and life beyond life. Voices, histories of the past captured in his ear, sounding an alarm that life the very life we are is not life at all. So let it begin, let the histories remind him over generations, life is a dream a junction where you seek the memory of nurture, a calling, a liberation to find a small tear to a gaping formation of lights calling, spinning, smashing together and creating a new birth, not one you'll see, but dream.

Left Richard - Right Robert - Hermes is the messenger of the gods and guide to souls who have passed on to the Underworld. He is a prankster and inventive genius from birth. Hermes is known for his helpfulness to mankind, both in his capacity as immortal herald and on his own initiative.

According to Carl Jung the human being is divided in to five phases. The Persona, the Ego, the Shadow, the Anima or Animus, and the Self.

Observations the Ego: Nowhere are we closer to the sublime secret of all origination than in the recognition of our own selves, whom we always think we know already. Yet we know the immensities of space better than we know our own depths, where -even though we do not understand it-we can listen directly to the throb of creation itself. - "Analytical Psychology and Weltanshauung" (1928)

Observations of on the Self: The Self is a borderline concept, which I call a symbol because it expresses something we cannot express otherwise, because we simply don't understand it. The idea of the Self is really unknown ground. The psychological definition is that the Self is the totality of consciousness and unconsciousness, and that sounds pretty definite, we seem to know what consciousness is and to have a fairly clear idea about the unconscious. But to say we know the unconscious is going too far; we only know of it.... A concept that contains a definite factor like consciousness and an indefinite factor like unconsciousness is not scientific....it is metaphysical in its nature per definition: it overreaches itself. - Carl Jung

1. Alone

3.Open heart
4. Mastermind
5.Deadly smile

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