Monday, May 04, 2009

Eric Glavin and Elizabeth McIntosh - Remembering Series

As long as I have known Eric Glavin. I remember him as an artist who has been diligent in his work and purported career in Canada. His flat architectural line landscapes are his signature. Eric is a tall striking handsome man who at any event we met, we kissed directly on the lips. This was a display of mutual respect. I remember when last I saw him, his girl friend looked kinda puzzled at it. But Eric's history is really with Elizabeth McIntosh where in 1992 she, himself and I took part in an exhibition of 26 Toronto artists.

Eric Glavin's minimalist work

Eric Glavin's collaborator in Art is Nester Kruger, I never got to know him personally at school, but when last I saw him in 2003, he looked shorter and heavier. Kruger's installation works are sophisticated, polished like Tom Benson, by the detail in its finish. In Trinidad, I remember Peter Doig introducing me briefly to Chris Ofili as, " Oh, Richard knows Elizabeth, Elizabeth McIntosh". McIntosh later studied art in England and became friends with him, Ofili. I've kissed Peter at the crown of his head.

I have often wondered why Canadian Artists like herself including, Louise Liliefeldt where denied coming to Trinidad through,
The Canada Council for the Arts, Artists in Residence programme, under the debunked CCA7, where many before had casually blurted out it getting it on a whim. They both had strong desires to visit the island, perhaps their biographies where not as palpable to the criteria, what ever the fuck that means.... People often fail to realize, that I have the ear of a monkey, mind of a shark, heart of a dog and an eye having xray vision.

Elizabeth McIntosh's optical painting

Elizabeth was always kind in her disposition, her paintings carried a type of Japanese pattern print. Her mother and her mother's friend where I overnighted treated me with great hospitality. I met her for breakfast with her partner in 2003. She lives in Vancouver, BC.

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