Friday, May 29, 2009

Chinee Chinee Worker Worker Look dem Look dem

How does a Chinee screw? - Like a sewing machine

The Chinese on a major construction in Port of Spain, Trinidad

If ever you want to know what makes a country a power house, just come down at noon, from Monday - Sunday and have a look at the work ethics of these Chinese construction workers in their blue overhauls and yellow hard hats.These men are from the Shanghai Construction Group International, and an estimated figure of 100 workers are on site over the construction of the Academies for the Performing Arts. A building that is costing US$100.000.000 dollars.

From a street that was empty, with no cars, no school, they just appeared, from nowhere and marched across Keate Street. But something was quite different here. They looked tick as if all of dem just bustup some good old Tani blue food. Provisions with stew salt fish, dumplings, calaloo and plantain, plus a big bottom woman on de side for dem nice looking ones.

The view of a very complex structure built by the Chinese facing the Queen's Park Savannah

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