Thursday, April 09, 2009

Greta Mendez does a Carol Burnett - Nora Desmond

Victoria Beckham, move over darling, here is a real woman


Greta Mendez's performance at Alice Yard, Trinidad, West Indies

Greta Mendez begins her performance by putting on a large white scarf and cloaks her head and makes a headband. This is to imitate a sort of plastic surgery where her face had be pricked with Botox injections and her breast cupped with implants to a DD size. Set to a musical score by Puccini, Mendez begins to dance and recite the torment she feels over aging and conditioning to keep up with the silicone, photoshop images of the female pasted in fashion magazines. With the aid of Robert Young, her mentor, named Max, she harps to him over her lack of physical appeal. Mendez mingles with the crowd and creates an interaction with participating guests but realizes finally excepting herself for who she is which in turn liberates her from the Botox chains into a free boxy natural woman . Image, the British based performer proclames, Image is everything.....

Greta Mendez's performance warmly received and attended by guests of an older generation, Alice Yard, Trinidad

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