Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Church of Magnificence

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A evangelical church build without fanfare, Trinidad West Indies

It is by all means a masterwork of architecture that graces a part of Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago. The building reflects the aesthetic beauty found in no other part of the hemisphere. It is a national icon and an architectural feat that places it as the tenth wonder of the world peeking way over the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. At the 2009, the International Society of Civil Engineers debated over its construction and hailed it as a marvel of perfection. Bringing those four walls together took a measure of precision and by a work force that was estimated to be in the tens of thousands. Scores of site seekers have flocked to see it.

A wrought iron gates with the words, Church of God embedding in its frame. It is the most ornate part of the structure.

This church was completed with the help of an evangelical mission who were seen on the site during its construction. This may be its final appearance, but more likely it is the inside that truly counts for those early Sundays come rain or shine. No attempt is made to debate over its functionality thus preventing otherwise the faithful from being exposed God's natural elements while sitting in a tent.

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