Saturday, February 14, 2009

Red Cross Children's Carnival in the blazing heat

A mas helper on hold, Red Cross Children's Carnival 2009

At the Queen’s Park Savannah, the Red Cross children Carnival began promptly in the blazing Caribbean heat. This is turn sent the whining bug to attack the little masqueraders who fell victim to it. Children as young as four years old worked their lower bodies too low and too provocative in comparison to such dance moves many years back. One very young masquerader attempted to do what she saw others doing. A bit rough and jerky with her wine, but next year, who knows, her waist may rotate like a all greased up ball bearing.Yet, in the atmospheric carnival bliss, the little masqueraders edged themselves onto the Queen’s Park Savannah stage and kicked in the symptoms of the wining virus to the delight of the audence. Dem sure is Carnival babies *

Little girls, follow the Wajang - Red Cross Children’s Carnival, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Carnival Baby : Any child conceived during Carnival, mostly on Monday then on Tuesday to be doubly sure

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