Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art at Don's Roti Shop

The bar next to Don's Roti shop, Diego Martin, Trinidad with a Christmas Tree and Music Boom boxes nest to it.

Don's Roti is a popular shop in Diego Martin and many loyal customers wait over an hour to get their all potato, channa, veg, chicken or beef wraps. Many hungry patrons sometimes go next door at their Rumshop to take a nip of Scotch and to discuss the politics of the day. Is dem fault make we so!. This is the general tone of many conversations. Knowing what's wrong with the country and making the best to keep it so.

But at this festive time, Christmas is being celebrated by an installment of a large and tastefully decorated Christmas tree which matches two collages resembling a wooden Rum cast interspersed with gold leaf. These paintings are the visual backdrop of a couple embracing tightly, the woman taking a sip from her drink, and feeling up of her man's ass at the side. Baby Jesus would be shocked. Oh Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise.

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