Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The shedding of Marlon Griffith

Marlon Griffith's Shadow exhibition curated by Claire Tancons from 2004, CCA7, Trinidad

Marlon Griffith is a dynamic and exciting young artist. A graduate of John Donaldson Technical Institute in Trinidad, West Indies, Marlon studied Graphic Design with a strong lean towards Illustration. He has been instrumental in the making of carnival costumes for children and has worked on and produced many bands since leaving school. He has also workshops his concepts at CCA7 and in South Africa. Marlon brings a great deal of frenetic energy and joy to his work. He is an excellent printmaker, and he pulls from the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago for many of his pieces, however he is also very adept at drawing the figure, and the underlying purpose of much of his drawings rest in seeing the human figure in motion. Not to be outdone, he is also not afraid to experiment with what he knows, using his sketchbook and the jottings within it in a short film about the intimacy of the process. He has also used Carnival Arts as an creative tool to draw on in his art practice.

Griffith's video work produced in South Africa

Mr. Griffith has also done Performance,In 2004 he created a work in South Africa where he dressed as a police officer with a bullet proof vest .On the vest were the letters P-O-L-I-T-E. The cleverness of this piece is very thought provoking. In a world where crime and authority are at loggerheads, the use of text on a vest saying one thing and meaning another conjures up a history of unrest and forced change and begs the question, can we change how we see authority and can authority change to suit our needs? Marlon is never one to stop exploring and pushing the boundaries of his work and his process and shall be going to Mino, Japan for a three month Residency on paper making.. I look forward to seeing what marvels he creates there, and know in advance that he will leave the place as enriched as he found it.

Adele 2005

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