Friday, October 31, 2008

Ken Crichlow - Upside down work

Green and Red and Dearth at $110.000.00 dollars, Softbox gallery, Trinidad

At Ken Crichlow’s exhibition at Softbox studios in Port of Spain, Trinidad, the entrance of the gallery looks more like a wedding reception. The are tables set with flower arrangements and guests are entertained by a classical ensemble playing period music. The artist personally greets everyone, and then opens the door to his exhibition, HOPE.

Ken Crichlow by all means is a colourist and his paintings show this ability to great effect. These are mystical works which have an illusionary effect on the eye. They are landscapes which are tilted at its side and this has more to do with trickery, but can be missed. He also includes figures which float within the work and you need a keen eye to discover them.

These are beautiful canvases if only they were hung correctly as they were painted. There is also a subtle hint of washes and shimmering divisions that are reflective. Crichlow’s brush strokes have a Van Gogh-est appeal, as he stipples the canvas with lines that dodge in and out, but it also outlines shapes to have a literal meaning or thus otherwise expected as abstracts. HOPE is an exhibition which are scenic compositions of plains, forests, vines, mountains and rivers. Ken Crichlow understands colour, brush temperance and composition - once its right side up, one may find themselves tilting their heads to find the real perspective.

HOPE continues till the 14th November, 2008 at Softbox gallery, Trinidad, West Indies

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Dave Cave said...

Damn good show. I was glad to hear that it sold out. Cha-ching!!


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