Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barack Obama as an icon in Art

A man who may change America

In my lifetime, I have never seen the degree to which America has gone in their support of a nominee to the presidency. When I am online, I find that every site I visit has their personal endorsement of Barack Obama. I am yet to see one that supports John McCain. I observed the poster designed by Obay, Shepard Fairley about a year ago. At the time I did look into the Obama phenomenon. But I did not make that much of it. I assumed that it was just a few illustrators optioned to do some work for the candidate. Little did I know that Obama was becoming an inspiration as a subject matter and as a source of campaign funding.

Last night I found a site where twenty-seven potters have placed their work on Ebay. A series of Stoneware and Porcelain pieces with Obama’s image, in their technical styles. I looked at the work for some time, and then I moved on to another site, not related in any way to that, and on that site, someone was making quilts to be raffled off to support Obama. The work was quite beautifully done. I was quite surprised by the quality. You expect buttons, you expect hats, key chains, even mugs. But the high quality of objects for this campaign have been obviously different.

There are several reasons, Obama is making history in a very palpable way. He inspires and he manages to bring along a groundswell of, well, hope. I am very glad that I have been able to see this, a moment like this is extremely rare, and one to tell generations to come.This shall certainly be picked over for all that it succeeded in doing and not doing. One of the most interesting issues of this campaign has been the naked lack of grace of the media and even politicians in their quest to deny what is happening in America at this moment. The desire to pull down exactly what they have created and so need, is a head shaker, adding to the worlds already negative view of them. However, it matters not who wins, it is what they do next that is the making of the president.
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