Friday, September 26, 2008

Pablo Picasso - Self portrait series

A study of illusion and reality, parody, humour and humanity

Well, to begin with, I have fun with this self study. By all means, I am masked behind a man who was proud of his achievements. Yet, he was a tyrant, obsessed over money and rebellious. Angered and bitter that age had robbed him of his youth, his vigor and prowl. A mastermind of deception, forgery and a trickster capable of making art out of shear stupidity and having his admirers jump at his every whim.

Here was a man full of himself, a bull, a Picasso having the gall of wanting to be a Picasso. It amused him, his self admiration, his ownership of others. In his lifetime, his heart belonged to only one love.

This study made me aware of my own self worth, about a fragility to one's mortality. How I will be remembered is exactly how I predict it, with my love at my side, and a passage a bit turbulent at the first, but a flight into the aura of mankind's mystery. In forgiveness, and in understandings, I shall say quietly to myself, so this is it, how simple, how marvelously cute, like a button.

In this study, I realized that Pablo Picasso was fighting his inner demons, he was not willing to except his mortality.

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