Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Port of Spain - Corner Bar

Corner Bar at the corner of Gatacre Street and Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad with the owner, Christopher Leacock relining on one of his imported sofas

After two years in the works and having a deep perseverance to see it complete, Christopher Leacock has renovated the old
Rodriguez’s grocery at Ariapita Avenue into an ultra modern yet classic lounging bar. The open space is painted in a Tiffany blue and accessorised with furniture and lamps that have a Norwegian look. The outdoor courtyard is designed with accents toward a Japanese garden. The interior is complemented by a floor finish which Leacock describes as acidified and fixed with a resin.

Che Lovelace's painting of a man with a coat and umbrella and a painted table by the graffiti artist, MANF.

Corner Bar has also required the works of Che Lovelace and the graffiti artist MANF. Lovelace's work is taken from an album cover, yet there are traces of Peter Doig's influences resonating with it. While MANF's graffiti work is used as patterns to cover parts of the wall and as individualised tables.

Rodriguez’s grocery at Ariapita Avenue being renovated to Corner Bar

Leacock explains that his concept is basically a local Rum shop with high amenities. And with these amenities, Corner bar is multi-functional which offers a taste of a music lounge bar's atmosphere which can be matched anywhere in places such as New York, Paris, London or Tokyo.

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Anonymous said...

This place is complete sh*t. Didnt i read that someone got shot inside there just yesterday? An average patron celebrating a work promotion to boot. There are way too many openings for anybody to walk in and out of, increasing its risk for such incidents. I suggest you try other more upscale places. Also the place is empty inside, mundane and ordinary. 2 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to your place but I can only based my opinion indirectly from what I have heard about your place.

In today's society we have to be our brother's keepers and the business you are venturing into encourages a fixed relationship being owner to customer and therefore at some point, the business operations owes some form of security to its customers. An argument can simply be, the individual (the customer who was murdered) was remotely from your business but the mere fact remains he was right outside your bar. Thought intoxication is a form of relaxation, it bears its dangers. Corner Bar attracts a vast number of "adult youths" and at the same time, one must understand the nature of these individual behaviors and put measures in place to deal with it. I am not saying to you how to run your affairs but simply looking at preventative measures. It is obvious security is expensive, but the burning truth is, there is not cost to life. In this country it takes a crisis to get things right. Patrons feel safe when there is protection around them. Hope risks have been identified from the incident involving this young man who got killed and measures have been put in place to prevent such situations in the future. You can be positive and yet be different.


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