Saturday, August 30, 2008

Be thankful Independence forty six

Callcards identifying who we are as a people; A New Nation, I am Trinidadian, I am Tobagonian, Brotherhood, Unite as one, I come from a paradise, I am Caribbean , I have a future.

The Bookman and Adele took a moment today to do a project to reflect thankfulness for Trinidad and Tobago.
Small callcards were made up with different statements on them in red, white or black and were placed around various common meeting areas. The objective being to create an intimacy with the recipient as well as to encourage reflection.

The Coat of Arms at the Queen's park Savannah, a day before Trinidad and Tobago celebrates forty six years of Independence.

We also took the installation, Patrimony out of its original space and into the environment and shot it in state, as part of our response to our nation's anniversary.
We are still filled with optimism and hope and we saw many signs today, as we drove around and looked at our national colours draped in homes and on trophies for a walk/run tomorrow in St. Joseph. As the sun went down on the day, there was a wonderful calmness and beauty to our land, and we felt truely grateful. - Adele

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