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Thinking like a child # 1

what sustains the sunlight?

This clip is from the film, Plan 9 from out of space produced by Edward Wood. Jr. in 1958. The theory of the Solaronite is explained.

The alien's theory of exploding the sun's rays:

Take a can of your gasoline. Say this can of gasoline is the sun. Now if you spread a thin line of it to a ball representing the earth. Now the gasoline represents the sunlight, sun partials. Here we saturate the ball with the gasoline, the sunlight and put a flame to the ball. The flame would speedily travel around the earth back along the the line of gasoline to the can, or the sun itself. It would explode the source and spread to every place that gasoline, our sunlight touches. Expolode the sunlight here gentlemen, you explode the universe.

In Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, he concluded that if one could travel at the speed of light, time would stand still. A question here is were does light end?

How Albert Einstein processed thought and language.

In the following, I am trying to answer in brief your question as well as I am able. I am not satisfied myself with those answers and I am willing to answer more questions if you believe this could be of any advantage for the very interesting and difficult work you have undertaken.

1.The words or the language as the are written or spoken, do seem play any role in the mechanism of thought. Psychical entities which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs more or less clear images which can voluntarily reproduced and combined.

There is of course, a curtain connection between those elements and relevant logical concepts. It is also clear that the desire to arrive finally at logically connected concepts is the emotional basis of this rather vague play with the above mentioned elements. But from a logical viewpoint, this combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought before they can be any connection with logical construction in words or any other signs which can be communicated to others.

2. The above mentioned elements are, in my case of visual and some of muscular type. Conventional words or other signs have to be sought for laboriously only in a secondary stage when the mentioned associative play is sufficiently established and can be reproduced at will.

3. According to what has been said, the play with the mentioned elements is aimed to be a analogous to certain logical connections one is searching for

4. Visual and motor. In a stage when words intervene at all, they are, in my case, purely auditive, but they interfere only in a secondary stage as already mentioned.

5. It seems to me that what you call full consciousness is limit case which can never be fully accomplished. This seems to me connected with the fact called the narrowness of consciousness (Enge des Bewusstseins).

A letter to Jacques Hadamard

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