Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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A gem among ruins

This painting is in a place which you would least expect. Located on the upper floor of a decrepit building which is at its last stage of standing. Within the filth, the painting exhibits an American bald eagle cruising in flight over a panoramic backdrop of a sky, terrain and sea. It measures over 5x3 feet in size and is one of two pitted and marked painted murals soon to be destroyed by the elements of decay. Yet, the work stands for a freedom from the reins of man, to a place far and beyond his shores. Free in his fulfillment and deed. To a better future and life his can call his own.

This mural has been destroyed.

Dear readers please note:

thebookmann project began in 2004, and focused on documenting wall paintings, architecture, posters, typography, street graffiti and other kitsch based works in the environment that generally went unnoticed, but thrived in plain sight. Since then, thebookmann has become the source of Art pertaining to Trinidad and Tobago and has been approached by artists, curators, museums, universities and newspapers. This means a comprehensive overhaul is required to insure the consistency. Until further notice, thebookmann is temporarily closed.

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Comments under A gem among ruins :

It figures, I guess. That those who have done yeoman service for Trinidad and Tobago ultimately find themselves in the depressing condition of having to beg for sponsorship and support when there is just no other way to carry on otherwise.

In another place, there would be ten thousand comments here, with corporate, and other sponsors falling over themselves to get involved. But this is Trinidad: every man for himself. We've got apathy in our genes, and we, deliberately or otherwise, strangle the bright lights among us until they fade away, leaving us the poorer.

"A gem among ruins", indeed. I hope things work out for you, and I hope also that some lights do not fade. - Rory

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