Saturday, February 02, 2008

Boissiere House 1904 - 2008

Gingerbread house is in the fate of its buyer

Behind a galvanize fence, is one of the great homes located at Queen's Park West, Trinidad, West Indies. Built in 1904 by the architect Eward Bowen, part of the ceiling is covered with a fresco designed by
an Italian artisan according to Voices in the street, a handbook detailing the history of architecture in Trinidad and Tobago. But recently, a For Sale sign has been posted on the fence instigating rumors of what the building is worth in historic terms. So far, the asking price has been rumored to be six to sixty million dollars. Some architects think it is worth more.

The danger preservationists insists is that saving such a structure will be a battle, and the public uproar may only occur after, like many historic buildings in Port of Spain when bulldozers have come in the dead of the night to clear it off the ground.

Above: The detail of the fret as part of the roof and the wrought iron gate damaged by a car crashing into the wall.

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Anonymous said...

I would purchase this beautiful historic gem at any price. The Boissiere House is worth the sale of $60M TT Dollars. It would be heart wrenching if the government allows a private company to destroy this great wonder. I would definitely buy this house in a flash.


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