Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Beads and Feathers - Carnival Tuesday

A subdued and contained carnival

The masquerader dressed up in white and wearing a Santa Claus hat is more likely to be a homeless person. She and many vagrants played their Mas to a much controlled carnival Tuesday. Beads and Feathers reined the day, and the streets of Port of Spain, Trinidad ,West Indies were clogged making it impossible for spectators to move. Large bands such as Tribe had their security and a convoy of trucks including the amenities of an art conditioned bus to stacks of portable toilets, all confined within the boundary of a continuous length of rope held by Tribe's security staff.

On this day, disabled people ventured out with their wheel chairs and three persons affected with Down's syndrome took to the streets wearing feathered head pieces donated by kind masqueraders. At one judging point, an infant in her pampers held the audience captive as she expressed that the identity of a Race is rooted in its genes. The little individual danced up a storm. Parks around the city were used as resting points to feed thousands of masqueraders and afterwards, the place was littered with plastic bottles and food containers having homeless people savaging for a full meal within all the waste.

A Fancy Indian masquerader stressed that Traditional Mas was much alive from her small band from San Fernando. She also lamented that the Beads and Feathers generation of baby boomers had reached a age where their bodies were less flattering. Only the youth could up keep
in such a skimpy costume. Then, there were the individuals who best represented Trinidad and Tobago's carnival, dressed in full suit to play themselves to the world to see. And what more to end the evening with Phase II, the Panorama champs with a solo melody to soothed the lastlap Mas players.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I live in New York but was working Trinidad at the time of Carnival 2008. I spent my jouvert in Tunapuna and it was marvelous. Your blog brings me to a place I miss terribly...I miss my friends there so very very very much. Thank you for your blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear Betsy,

Thank you for you comment as it comes at a time I feel overworked and taxed with the responsibility of up keeping thebookmann.

Many reader like yourself have commented how dearly they miss Trinidad and Tobago, thebookmann is a reminder how blessed we really are, in customs, culture and freedoms.

It may not be visible to most, at a this time of uncertainly, but Trinidad is a place deep in my heart, yet I feel it is a place not my home, I am always mistaken for a foreigner, hence my views of things that make us who we truly are.



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