Thursday, January 24, 2008

St. James's Dame Lorraine

The mocking society

At the traditional carnival street competition in St. James last evening, a hefty crowd came out to support a handful of Old Mas performers. From the Midnight Robbers to the White Fruit Bats, masqueraders did their jig of speeches, dances and enactments.

The Dame Lorine is a character taken from the French aristocrat from the 18th century. The costumes are an elaborate fanfare of hats, fans and large hoop skirts decorated with glitter. The dance of the Dame Lorraine may vary to a dainty chip or to a contemporary lewd, all on the ground Jamette wine, the latter generally is awarded with a ruckus applause. The essence of the costume is the exaggeration of the bosoms and derrière to fit the physical characteristics of the Negro woman. The swaying of the hip and high position of derrière is an open invitation that wets the sexual appetite of the male observer.

The clip shows the Dame Lorraine portrayed by a family of sisters. One
Dame Lorraine has called her costume, short season as she complained over the difficulty of getting fabric to cover the length of her gown. The last is a tribute to the cricketer, Brian Lara. Above: The Dame Lorraine at the traditional Mas in St. James, Trinidad and Tobago. Next, Fancy Sailors.

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a trini wisher said...

if only more would try to keep alive these relics of our past, of our history... If only we could learn from our past to embetter our future,oh but as hard as i wish it, i know it might never happen


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