Friday, January 18, 2008

Carnival Mannequin Moods

This showcase brings great excitement to what can be expected for Trinidad's Carnival in 2008. In its enclosure, the mannequins are to wet the appetite of the Mas buyer. Moods is the title of the Carnival band and the designers are Humphrey and Associates.

The basis of these two costumes are the bathing trunks and
bikini swimwear in navy blue and lime green, respectively. The accessories for men are a large collar which is carried over the chest with three rings of blue and magenta. A waist band with a loop buckle secures the knee length pants. To the right of the garment, three loop rings hang at the side. The masquerader's headband is obscured by a large Ruby plastic stone set within a metallic star shape. This may indicate the third eye, but players are going to tilt the piece to the back of their heads so to avoid injury by not jooking out their eye. The rest of the costume is accessorised by an arm, wrist and calf bands which politely matches the manly tones.

As for the Moods women, they should be delighted by the adornments attached to the
bikini swimwear. Chain beads with loops of rings. There is a neck collar and the bikini bottom has attached, particularly at the crutch, a series of rings and beads that fall about 12ins in length. It will be interesting to see how the masquerader will deal with this hanging as it looks most uncomfortable as it slaps between her legs. The head piece is adorned with the plumage of peacock feathers reassuring Mas players the reasoning behind the 500 extra dollars in cost. Petite knee bands are decorated with rings and navy blue feathers.

A public show window in St, James, Trinidad, West Indies

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